Starbucks - Santa Rosa, CA

The Starbucks Shell Building in Santa Rosa is a 2,500 ft² building that sits on a 31,000 ft² site.  With the shell building we delivered power, plumbing stubs up, HVAC, and the fire sprinkler system.  In coordination with Starbucks, plumbing and power were provided to accommodate the build out on the interior for to avoid cutting of the slab after the fact.  For the building exterior we provided new Hardie siding, stucco, paint and aluminum awnings. Site development included power tie in which consisted of boring across Santa Rosa Ave which is one of the busiest thorough ways in Santa Rosa.  With the site we also provided water tie-in for the fire sprinkler system, site lighting, new curb, gutter, sidewalk, trash enclosure, asphalt paving and landscaping.