Montego Ridge


Montego Ridge - Walnut Creek, CA

Montego Ridge in Walnut Creek, CA is a 3 building campus.  The buildings ranged in size; the “1200” building is 31,120 sf, the “1250” building is 39,860 sf, and the “1350” building is 62,482 sf.  The project consisted of interior demo, paint of interior and exterior of building, reface of the parapet and refresh of the lobbies. At the interior office wings we demoed the partition walls, flooring and painted the perimeter walls bringing the space to a vanilla shell condition.  The lobbies were refreshed with paint, new tile flooring on the first floor and carpet on the 2nd floor, with new lighting and new steel handrail at the stairs.  The concrete stairs at “1350” were sand-blasted and sealed while at the other two building the stairs were wood constructed and were finished with carpet. At the “1350” lobby we installed a new low maintenance rock garden just below the stairs.  The exterior of the building was painted and the parapet was refaced with Hardiplank with a Woodtone finish.  New address signage was installed at all three buildings and a new monument sign is forthcoming; the monument sign will have elements of all three building incorporated into the overall design.  The exterior landscape was refreshed and we were responsible for placement of decomposed granite at various areas on the campus.  We placed a new wood trellis structure outside of building “1350” with new picnic tables and chairs.  At the “1200” building on the 2nd floor we placed a new Architrex deck, new steel handrails and lighting creating an outdoor patio area.  The “1250” building has a garage that was refreshed with new paint, lighting and a new overhead door.